We are proud to partner with a number of organisations, to help achieve our aim of raising awareness and improving accessibility to products, services, healthcare and work for the Deaf community

Includability is an all inclusive platform for employers that want to engage, collaborate and build a community of authentically inclusive organisations, aiming for a positive change in the workplace.

A platform for employers that want to engage, collaborate and build a community of authentically inclusive members. Includability aims to provide inspiration and action for positive change in the workplace.


Includability aims to be the number one job platform of choice for employers and job seekers and to positively contribute towards a society that is free from discrimination, through clear communication, total collaboration and decisive action. To provide a platform for employers with a commitment to treating people fairly and to offer job seekers a fully accessible and equitable application process. Through engagement, collaboration and building a community of like-minded people, Includability aims to provide inspiration, break down barriers and make a difference.

From Sign Solutions

Sign Solutions are excited about joining Includability as an official partner, and helping companies tap into a larger pool of talent.

Through our specialism of support and innovative interpretation, translation and training, we enable Deaf and hearing people to communicate, and along with Includability we will support organisations and Deaf people to ensure they do not encounter barriers and have equal opportunities within the workplace.

Includability for us is a very action led approach to ensuring job applicants with a disability can find responsible employers, looking to enhance and grow their diverse talent pool. The Pan disability job board and the process organisations go through to advertise their roles will ensure that only organisations that are serious about equal opportunities, will be able to advertise.

We are excited to see the difference we can make together with the other partners!

Conflab Health: end-to-end remote consultation workflows

Conflab Health from Flabba use the StarLeaf video platform to deliver secure, reliable and easy-to-use virtual patient consultations to the
NHS. This virtual care ecosystem is ideal for remote patient appointments, virtual multidisciplinary meetings, primary and
secondary care, education and training, remote and home working, and more.

It’s easy to customise your Conflab from Flabba platform to match your individual domain, brand, messaging and workflows, creating
a seamless and professional experience.

StarLeaf and software workflow provider, Conflab from Flabba have teamed up, to help NHS Trusts provide remote patient consultations through bespoke video solutions.

Conflab from Flabba’s remote patient consultation solution makes it easy for care providers to schedule and host large volumes of secure video-based consultations – either in one-to-one or group settings.

We Support Deaf Awareness

“My vision is that I can walk in a shopping centre, into a building reception, or into the offices of an organisation and I see small cards like the one in the photo.”

Sign Solutions is delighted to be partnering with #WeSupportDeafAwareness.

Sign Solutions provide on demand and around the clock interpreting, training and translation services nationwide, enabling Deaf people to communicate more effectively and gain equal access to information, products, services, education and work.

Working together with #WeSupportDeafAwareness both sharing in the joint mission to make a more inclusive society and encourage organisations to engage with the Deaf community by supporting them on their journey to making their services accessible.

Simon states; “My vision is that I can walk in a shopping centre, into a building reception, or into the offices of an organisation and I see small cards like the one in the photo.

This tells me that the employees in that organisation understand what it is like to be deaf. They’ve developed empathy skills to learn what a deaf person needs.

They understand the frustration from being unable to lipread because of masks. They’ve learned tips to help them communicate more effectively with someone who is deaf.

UKCoD is the umbrella body for organisations working with deaf people in the UK. Our mission is to assist organisations and the sector as a whole to maximise the positive impact they have for deaf people.

UKCoD’s Objectives

To encourage the exchange of knowledge, skills and views between members.

To facilitate campaigning on overarching issues affecting deaf people, to champion the role of the voluntary sector and provide an interface with government for members.

To provide up to date information about sector wide projects delivered by members.

UK council on Deafness is delighted to support the great work Sign Solutions are doing in supporting deaf employees and their employers.

UKCoD, established in 1993, represents the deaf sector on policy issues, hosts conferences when possible and interfaces with government, government agencies and large organisations on issues of concern to anyone with any level of hearing loss and encourages cooperation between deaf charities.  We work to improve services for those with any level of hearing loss. We also co-ordinate national Deaf Awareness Week and support Special Interest Groups that concentrate on specific deaf issues.

Clare Vale from Sign Solutions says:

Sign Solutions work with UKCOD to ensure that Video relay services are delivered in accordance with UKCOD voluntary code of conduct and also we are proud to be part of the Video Relay directory. We have the aim of working to ensure that skills, knowledge and views are shared between members working with and providing services to Deaf people, so that together we make a positive impact.

Diverse Matters

Diverse Matters is a diversity and inclusion consultancy that works with organisations to embed diversity and inclusion within their practices. They use a tailored approach to ensure that the services required meets the specific needs of the organisation and is fit for purpose as ‘one size does not fit all’.  

They offer a range of solutions including our diversity and inclusion audit, training, policy review, toolkit and guidance development, mystery shopping, coaching and mentoring, thought leadership events, diversity and inclusion seminars and positive action programmes.

Diverse Matters also looks at the wider diversity issues with a strong focus on service delivery and meeting the diverse needs of service users in addition to areas affecting our communities including hate crime, and community cohesion. In addition to specific areas regarding children and young people including safeguarding and child sexual exploitation.


Award for Innovation sponsored by Sign Solutions


“The Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion is the UK’s leading employer network covering all aspects of equality and inclusion issues in the workplace.”

Their vision is for organisations and people to prosper by valuing difference in the workplace. Enei’s mission is to be the Leading employers’ equality and inclusion network by working in partnership with their members to set the recognised standard for best practice.

  • Providing quality advice, benchmarking, training, events and services
  • Supporting employers to develop pragmatic and innovative solutions
  • Offering access to legal advice throughout the employment cycle
  • Delivering research led training and consultancy services
  • Publishing cutting-edge research and running engaging campaigns
  • Facilitating thought leadership to engage, lobby and influence key opinion formers