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Our eLearning courses mean you can enjoy learning flexibly at your own pace. They cover a variety of important topics, from health and safety and safeguarding, to lone working, disability awareness and data protection.

Adults with Incapacity

This course will illustrate the process of decision making, capacity assessments, decisions for the benefit of the individual and bodies who work under the Act. 

This course is designed to guide the learner and for making a decision on their behalf if necessary. 


Autism Awareness

This course introduces the spectrum of autism and how autism affects people in different ways. this course has been developed with subject matter experts from Accomplish: a specialist, outcome focused provider of support for people with Mental Health needs, Learning Disabilities, Autism and Acquired Brain Injuries. 


Anti Bullying

The course will enable the learner to: contribute to the implementation of and follow their organisation’s anti-bullying policy & procedures regarding bullying; outline how to provide support to keep young people safe from bullying, & the action they should take if it occurs; and identify the role technology can play in bullying behaviour.


Basic Life Support

This course aims to provide the learner with a basic understanding of the knowledge behind the techniques used in emergency first aid situations. It will introduce all aspects of basic life support; these are the first steps of first aid. This includes resuscitation, recovery position, choking and anaphylaxis. It should be accompanied by face-to-face training and assessment. 



This course has been designed to provide advice and guidance for the use of chaperones and the procedures that should be in place for consultations, examinations and investigations.


Child Sexual Exploitation

This course aims to provide the learner with the skills and knowledge to be able to identify the grooming process, identify child sexual exploitation and recognize the impact of child exploitation 



This awareness course has been designed to show the learner why it might be necessary to breach client confidentiality, to identify how to meet and promote the communication needs of the individual and how to use appropriate communication tools. 


Conflict Management

Everyone wants to work in an environment in which they feel safe and supported, and in which the potential for conflict is understood and managed properly. This course will enable the learner to identify strategies to manage workplace conflicts and identify key communication skills that will help to deescalate conflict situations.


Customer Service

This course aims to provide these working with customers with the information and skills needed to deliver a consistently high level of customer service within their daily activity and workplace.


Data Protection including GDPR

The purpose of this eLearning course is to explain what must be done to preserve the security and confidentiality of personal data and to ensure that learners comply with Data Protection Laws, including the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set by the EU.


Dementia Awareness

This course aims to provide the learner with the skills and knowledge to be able to recognize the stages of dementia, identify dementia as a disability, list the most common types of dementia and their causes and identify factors relation to an individual’s experience of dementia


Duty of Candour

This course has been designed to show learners that promoting a culture of openness is a prerequisite to improving customer safety and the quality of our health and social care systems.


End of Life

This course gives a basic overview for caring for someone at the end of their life and is designed to show the learner how to identify the priorities for care at end of life, recognise the importance of Advanced Care Planning and outline basic end of life symptom management.


Equality and Diversity

To treat people as individuals, we need to value their beliefs and preferences and not treat them as a diagnosis. This eLearning course aims to ensure that the learner has the knowledge and understanding to be able to work to best practice. This course reviews key terms and introduces the learner to types of unlawful discrimination.


Fire Awareness

This course reveals human nature and the actions to take upon discovering a fire, or on hearing the fire alarm and aims to raise awareness of the importance of fire safety for all staff. 


Health & Safety

This eLearning course will provide the learner with general knowledge of health and safety procedures that are related to their workplace. The aim is that the learner will understand the responsibilities of health and safety in the work setting.


Infection Prevention & Control (IPC)

This course aims to raise the learner’s knowledge and awareness of infections common to the healthcare sector and the ways to minimise the risk of infection in the work place. 


Learning Difficulties

This course aims to support the learner in how to recognize how someone may feel if they have learning disabilities and discover how positive attitudes will improve the care those with learning disabilities will receive. Learners will also be able to identify adjustments to care that may have to be made as well as how to support individual’s in accessing healthcare.


Lone Working

By law, employees working alone should at all times be at no greater risk than other employees. This course identifies suitable control measures to mitigate risks and lists safe practices for lone working.


MCA & DoLs

The Mental Capacity Act gives clear information for supporting people who lack the capacity to make decisions.

This course illustrates the processes of decision making, capacity assessments, decisions for the benefit of the individual, and bodies who work under the Mental Capacity Act.  

Through two case studies (Tommy and Jean) this course will describe an overview of the Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards and how to:

Mental Health

Mental health issues are common. However these issues are often complex. There are a large number of different types of mental health needs, and the range of symptoms people can experience is varied and wide-reaching.

Through three case studies (Steve, Danielle and Louisa) this course will cover an overview of mental health issues and how to:

Patient Consent

This course has been designed to provide all healthcare workers and healthcare professionals who are patient facing, or have any interaction with individuals or their care records, with the knowledge of the legal and moral requirements for obtaining consent.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, is equipment that will protect the user against health or safety risks at work. This short course aims to enable the learner to list common types of PPE and how and when to use them.


Positive Behaviour Support

This course will enable the learner to recognize the reasons for behaviours which challenge and to help them identify the different physical and/or mental health conditions that can lead to behavioural challenges. The course aims to encourage the learner to adopt a person centered approach and to be able to outline strategies to minimise behavioural challenges.



This course has been designed to provide advice and guidance to understand how a vulnerable person might be feeling and to provide confidence in initiating a conversation.

This course is presented through four case studies (Neil, Sarah, Jake and Armin) o cover how to:

Professional Boundaries

This course looks at the boundaries that provide the line between the expert and the individual using the service so that the learner can maintain an effective professional relationship. It covers how to support colleagues to maintain boundaries and how to recognize unacceptable practices.


Safeguarding Children

This course aims to provide the learner with the knowledge and understanding of types of child abuse and how to recognize the signs, the actions to take in response to safeguarding concerns and the support required following a safeguarding referral. It also covers the risks and possible consequences for children and young people of being online.


Safeguarding & Protection of Adults

This course aims to ensure the learner has the knowledge and understanding of how to recognize and report abuse within the workplace, ensuring they are working to the local Multi-Agency Safeguarding Adults Procedures.


Sexual Harrassment

This course has been developed in partnership with The Regard Partnership and aims to enable the learner to identify what constitutes sexual harassment, recognise sexual harassment and outline steps to take if they experience or witness sexual harassment.


Time Management

This course is designed to familiarize the learner with the various time management strategies, tools and tips to enable the learner to take initiative for organizing their time.


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