Deaf Awareness Training

Sign Solutions provides Deaf Awareness Training throughout the UK to individuals and organisations.

Deaf Awareness Courses

Our complete Deaf Awareness training programme can be delivered as a half-day course or spread over a whole day, with more time spent on specific communication tactics. Every person who completes a course will receive a Sign Solutions Certificate of Attendance, and each course can be specially tailored to suit the needs of your organisation.

The programme is delivered by our qualified Deaf tutors and is supported by a British Sign Language interpreter. Training can take place at your premises, or remotely via a video platform of your choice.

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What are the benefits?

British Sign Language
Our courses include basic British Sign Language vocabulary and fingerspelling.
Expert Deaf Trainer
All our BSL & Deaf Awareness Trainers are native BSL users, and experts in their field.
Become Accessible
We can provide advice, support and solutions to make sure your business is more accessible for Deaf people.
Create Inclusion
We can help you create inclusive work environments, where diverse people of all kinds can all feel included and productive.
Deaf Technology
We provide information about technology and devices that suppoort Deaf people and companies to engage effectively.

Deaf Awareness eLearning Course

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Why not access our corporate Deaf Awareness e-learning course? 

Gain an awareness of the issues, language, culture and needs of the Deaf community. Explore the various communication methods and technology available to Deaf people. Learn and practice how to fingerspell the British Sign Language Alphabet. Explore everyday BSL words with the opportunity to practice and review what you have learned.

Learning outcomes include:

  • An introduction to Deaf Awareness
  • BSL alphabet 
  • Useful BSL signs

Courses are available as individual licences at £10 plus VAT, or you can buy an unlimited licence for your own eLearning platform. You can view the course outline HERE

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The Signature Deaf Awareness eLearning short course, is an immersive learning experience, with informal clips, receptive practice, short multiple-choice assessments, vocabulary and more.

During this course we will cover:  

  • Deaf Awareness 

  • Tips for communicating with a deaf or hard of hearing person 

  • Fingerspelling  

  • BSL vocabulary and study

Includes additional downloads, BSL dictionary, glossary and certificate of completion. You can view the course outline HERE

Available as an individual licences at £10 plus VAT, or you can buy in bulk.

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"It is the most rewarding feeling being able to communicate with a Deaf person, it is a beautiful language."


Dorset University NHS Foundation Trust
I now have a basic understanding of signing, which means I can complete safe and wellbeing within a Deaf person’s home or I know where to find more information
Thank you for such an interesting day The course should be mandatory for all NHS staff.
A very interesting day, I have increased awareness of deaf people’s communication needs and will try to incorporate my knowledge to better understanding of patients’ needs.
FDM Group
An informative and interesting session. I found it to be insightful and my knowledge has increased, I’m going to continue practicing my BSL!
It was a very interesting session and brought up some things I had not considered. I think its incredibly important and would highly recommend this session.
A very valuable lesson. The finger spelling games were very effective!
West Midlands Fire Service
I would recommend this program to other people, good awareness of the Deaf community and how we can communicate.
A very informative session on this subject, an enlightening session.
I now have a basic understanding of signing, which means I can complete safe and wellbeing within a Deaf person’s home or I know where to find more information.
A really enjoyable session, delivered in a way that kept my attention!
Mercian Housing (CITIZEN)
Everyone was so enthused about learning and left them all wanting more! I was 100% positively surprised. Great training, good Interpreters and excellent presenter
Definitely should be mandatory to raise awareness of service providers.