BSL Interpreter CPD Training

Sign Solutions offer a range of in person and eLearning CPD opportunities.

We offer a range of in person and eLearning CPD opportunities to ensure BSL interpreters can continuously develop and are prepared for different domains and situations.

The content, class size and locations of our courses can be tailored to suit individual needs, and our in-person training courses cover various interpreting domains such as:



Mental Health


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Need practice materials for your interpreting course?

We have launched an innovative training series which offers interpreters a range of materials and exercises to practice and develop their skills.

Each course contains two videos: one is English to BSL and the other is BSL to English. Although they are primarily aimed at interpreters, they are also a great resource for anyone learning British Sign Language for the first time.

Covering an array of topics in various settings [formal register, informal register, conversations, and two-way interpreting], each individual course is worth up to five unstructured CPD points upon completion.

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Interpreter Training

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eLearning Courses

Our eLearning programme provides the opportunity for interpreters to increase their knowledge of common topics including safeguarding, lone working, mental health, data protection and GDPR.

Interpreting the Police Caution

Interpreting the police caution can be a difficult procedure and can often present challenges for an interpreter. Therefore, our head interpreter, Byron Campbell, has developed the ‘Interpreting the Police Caution’ online eLearning course, which is dedicated to helping interpreters tackle the often-tricky subject.

The comprehensive course is intended to be used as a guideline for interpreters and features three Deaf people demonstrating a variety of ways in which the caution could be interpreted.

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