Sign Solutions
Sign Solutions is a language and learning company, specialising in interpretation support for Deaf people, we provide BSL interpreting; face-to-face and via video, BSL translations, expert witness reports, BSL and CPD training and deaf awareness training via e-learning, 24/7/365 throughout the UK.

BSL Interpretation & Translation

We provide a vast range of communication professionals for Deaf, Deafblind and Hard of Hearing users in any domain, be it legal, business, medical, educational, conference, community or even theatre. Below is a list of the types of interpreters we have to offer:

British Sign Language (BSL)/English Interpreters (NRCPD Registered)

In the UK, people who are Deaf use various methods of communication; BSL is the most widely used method of signed communication. BSL/English Interpreters provide the indispensable service of facilitating communication between Deaf and hearing people.

BSL/English translations (video, DVD, website etc)

A ‘for information’ translation, also known as a ‘sight translation’, is an accurate but unpolished piece of work that is produced in-house. ‘Sight translation’ is suitable for letters or information that is intended for individual/personal use only.  (Examples range from an explanation of a leaflet to court/tribunal judgements.)  

A ‘publication translation’ requires a much higher standard of accuracy and will be filmed in a professional recording studio. Publication translations are required for any documents where it is important to portray a professional image. (Examples include website pages, brochures, leaflets, consultation documents and videos.)

Review our showreel of translation work here

Lip-speakers (NRCPD and/or Association of Lip-speakers Registered)

A Lip-speaker conveys a speaker’s message to lip-readers accurately using unvoiced speech. This requires the Lip-speaker to produce the shapes of words with exceptional clarity, and reproduce the rhythm and phrasing of speech together with facial expressions and gestures.

Deafblind Interpreters: Visual Frame, Hands-on or Manual (NRCPD Registered)

A Manual Deafblind Interpreter touches different parts of a Deafblind person’s hands, denoting letters, and in this way spells out words.

A Hands-on Deafblind Interpreter places their hands beneath the Deafblind person's hands, allowing the latter to follow their movements and the shape of their BSL signs.

A Visual Frame Deafblind Interpreter signs on a much smaller scale than for a Deaf person, according to the person’s visual needs. (All BSL interpreters are capable of adapting their signing to accommodate for a Visual Frame request.)

Speech-to-text operators (Palantype and SpeedText) (NRCPD/BIVR members)

A STTR/Palantypist produces a computerised verbatim (word for word) record of everything that is said between a Deaf and a hearing person; this is produced on a monitor or screen. They provide a complete translation of the spoken words and surroundings, e.g. laughter, applause etc.

Note-takers (electronic and manual [hand-written]) (NRCPD Registered)

Manual note-takers provide high-quality written notes in a variety of settings, including educational, healthcare and workplace.
Electronic note-takers use two linked laptop computers to produce notes that can be reformatted by a Deaf person for their own use at a later stage.

Deaf Relays (Language intermediaries for Deaf people who are not fluent in BSL)

Deaf Relays are experienced Deaf people who work alongside BSL interpreters with users who are Deaf but not fluent in BSL. They adapt what the hearing interpreter is signing into a native variation of BSL for the client, together with the client’s response for the interpreter.

UK Registered Expert Witness Services (Interpreting/Translation issues)

An Expert Interpreter/Witness is someone who can advise and/or work with counsel on specific language and cultural issues relevant to Deaf people, British Sign Language and Interpretation. They can provide accurate transcripts of police interviews with Deaf people, and verify the accuracy of interpretations. We provide Expert Witnesses for a variety of domains.

Lip-reading services (CCTV, covert surveillance, etc)

A Lip-reader will often assist the police; there may be CCTV footage of someone speaking to another person and, as there is no sound, it is impossible to hear what is being said. Lip-reading enables some understanding of the dialogue.

Sign Supported English (SSE) Interpreters

Some people use Sign Supported English (SSE), which is not a language in its own right, but more a kind of English with signs.

Deaf Advocates

Deaf Advocates are people who work with Deaf people who may be vulnerable for a variety of reasons, including language/education issues or mental health issues.

Communication Support Workers

CSWs support Deaf children and young people, in education. They work in schools, colleges and training centres – they also support young people on work experience placements and in residential settings. Occasionally, CSWs work in non-education settings, for example, supporting people in their workplace.

If you are a student or education centre looking for support through a Communcation Support Worker or Trainee Sign Language Interpreter, we are registered as an NMH (Non-Medical Help) organisation and can offer the following rates CLICK HERE.